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Social Media Marketing

Our Main theme at PBI is marketing through the use of data, so in every campaign we do we make sure we (proven strategies) gather relevant data that assist us in helping our client in deciding which channel they should leverage most for their type of business, and we then implement the 78/22 strategy, where we go “all in” (78%), in the channels that brings more value to the client and then the 22% we focus on the rest of the channels because as they say “Don’t Put All your Eggs in One Basket”.

Facebook Zimbabwe

Marketing your brand on facebook : At perison business intelligence we follow a step by step marketing strategy that will enable you do reach the right audience and also help you save time and money.

Linkedin Zimbabwe

We’ll help you make an impact on Iinkedin with our SMM solutions. Our team of marketers, graphic designers and data analysts know everything about Iinkedin marketing. They are eager to create, test and do anything they can to make your brand top of mind with the targeted audience of Iinkedin mobile users.


Instagram Zimbabwe

Instagram Target Marketing: perison is a Zimbabwean based company that specializes in Instagram marketing. We work with small businesses to help them grow brand loyalty and consumer relationships through building organic followers on their social media pages. We also help companies increase sales by utilizing Instagram contests and advertising tools like ( sponsored ads ) to maximize your reach with the most effective content. 

Twitter Zimbabwe

Perison Business Intelligence: Digital Marketing Experts: If you’re a small business looking to take a step into a larger market demographic or a brand that wants to check out what it would be like to Twitter market your brand, we have just the solution for you! We have taken our years of experience in digital marketing and communications and merged them with the unique challenges facing Zimbabwean companies on Twitter. Through thorough research about what makes a Twitter brand successful for Zim-based brands.

Our Social Skills
Facebook 88%
Our Social Skill
Twitter 70%
Our Social Skill
Instagram 74%
Our Social Skill
Linkedin 95%


Basic Social

Suitable for startups and online retailers
$80 $ 99 .99 Monthly
  • 4 Facebook ad campaign
  • 3 Social channel Setups
  • Everyday Organic Posting and Social Engagement


Suitable for established startups
$150 $ 199 .99 Monthly
  • Comes with a free 1 page website
  • 4 Social Channels setups and 6 facebook ad campaign
  • Everyday Organic Posting and Social Engagement


Suitable for single website
$300 $ 299 .99 Monthly
  • Comes with a 10+ Paged Website and free SEO
  • Local Directory Listing & 4 Social Channels setups with unlimited facebook ad campaign
  • Everyday Organic Posting and Social Engagement