Why Social Media Marketing in Zimbabwe is on the Rise

Social media is a powerful way to communicate today. It’s fast, simple, and easily accessible and can be very effective in engaging with your audience, increasing brand awareness and even creating leads. In Zimbabwe, the number of social networks and individuals using online for buying and selling is on the rise, despite the country’s economy struggles. This article will help you understand the main social networks used by companies providing marketing services in Zimbabwe.

The Challenges Organizations Face

The media and advertising industry in Zimbabwe has gone through major changes over the last decade hence, the need to modernize their strategies into present day marketing. However the social media is still in its infancy in Zimbabwe and it has yet to be fully utilized by most organizations. Even though some organizations understand the importance of having a social media presence and have taken steps to establish social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, there is a lot more ground to be covered. At this very moment there are a lot of companies that don’t have official accounts on any social network which means they are missing out on key opportunities.

How Social Media Helps

As a business owner, social media is an important marketing strategy for you to use. Many companies in Zimbabwe are adopting social media marketing as their signature strategy—and with good reason! By using products and services from our business intelligence team, Perison Business Intelligence , you can increase your leads by as much as 300%.

Getting Started

Social Media Marketing in Zimbabwe is a growing field. But, the way you define your target market, your Facebook ads, Instagram posts, Twitter posts will all affect your success. Perison Business Intelligence is an SEO company that provides social media marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses in Zimbabwe and neighboring countries. We offer a range of services to help businesses promote and grow their social media presence. Plus we have a team of fun, energetic individuals dedicated to driving your business to the next level!

As firms seek to do business in Zimbabwe, they have discovered that Social Media is a great avenue.


How We’ve Helped Our Clients

Digital marketing is transforming how companies interact with their customers and potential customers. One of the most important ways that companies leverage digital marketing today is by using social media analytics to monitor trends in public sentiment around specific products and/or companies. At Perison Business Intelligence (PBI) we help companies monitor their social media footprint in real-time. With our tips and tools, you will be able to gain an edge in your competition’s marketplace.

With the rise of social media marketing, it’s becoming easier than ever to get in touch with and target your audience


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